Cover Articles:

Idea Magazine 304 Special Gelman Issue (Tokyo) May, 2004
Texts by Stefan Sagmeister, Naoto Fukasawa, Issay Kitagawa, and John Maeda

Graphis, September/October 2003
Miles Davis of Design by Lanny Sommese

Art And Design (Beijing), August 2002
Being a Design Machine by Alexander Gelman

Design News (Tokyo), Summer 2000
Design by Subtraction by Yuichi Yamada

Creative Review (London), February 2000
Less is More by Helen Walters

Features and Interviews:

Creativity Magazine, December, 2004
Gettin' Down with Gelman

Red Dot Online (Germany), November 2004
Idea Magazine: Special Gelman Issue

The Design Encyclopedia, MoMA, 2004
by Mel Byars

The New York Times, May 20, 2004
A Design Epiphany: Keep It Simple

Pap Magazine, February/March 2004

Clear Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 1, 2004

Idea Magazine 303 April, 2004
Glass on Table by Alexander Gelman

Creative Review, January, 2004

UCLA Extension, Fall 2003
Cover Artist: Alexander Gelman

designNET, July 2003
Case Study: Art Directors Club

Graphic Design USA, January 2003
People to Watch in 2003

The Graphics Book Rotovision 2002
Alexander Gelman: Design Machine

kAk (Moscow), American Issue 2002
American Design: Alexander Gelman

PAP Magazine (Helsinki), Spring/Summer 2002
I Like it by Alexander Gelman

Graphis, July/August 2002
Q&A with Alexander Gelman

Items (Amsterdam), March 2001
Alexander Gelman by Chris Reinewald

Design News (Tokyo), March 2001
Gelman: Design by Subtraction by Hironori Okubo

Novum (Munich), December 2001
Design Machine

Hi-Graphic (Shanghai), 2001

National Design Awards, 2000
Finalists, Communcations Design

Mimarlik (Istanbul), September 1999

Print, January/February 1998
New Visual Artists '98

Design Union (Moscow), Winter 1998
Design of Alexander Gelman by Sergey Serov

Communication Arts, January/February 1997
Alexander Gelman by Michael Kaplan

Other Press

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