Josh Paul, International Design Director

After years of pro-snowboarding, attaining the level of the junior champion of Germany, Josh choose to become an architect. As soon as he completed his undergraduate degree in Architecture at Germany's University for Interior Design, Josh switched his focus to Graphic Design.

Before reaching New York City, as the student of infamous German
designer Uwe Loesch, Josh worked on projects for Viva Music Television, Sony, Goethe Institut Inter Nationes and created several campaigns for "The Year of European Languages" and "Against Racism" in Germany.

At Design Machine, he supervises the design and production of Promotional campaigns for Russell Simmons' Oneworld Magazine, and branding programs for Timelabs, Hi-Beam, Janou Pakter and nonstøck. He also has helped to build numerous websites, including -- the online companion to Alexander Gelman's book, "Subtraction: Aspects of Essential Design"

In his work, Josh seeks for intelligence, simplicity and fun. "If you enjoy the process of working on the project, the result will transcend the enjoyment to the viewer and impose your fun on everybody."


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