Careers at Design Machine

We are regularly reviewing applications, resumes and online portfolios in following categories:

Executives with experience in sales, strategic branding, design, merchandising, marketing and advertising.

Managers and administrators with experience in design, merchandising, marketing and advertising.

Designers and art directors (all levels) with experience in print, web, editorial design, branding and advertising.

Writers with editorial experience as well as advertising for print
and web.

PR and special events organizers.

Software engineers with experience in database and general web applications.

Freelance photographers and illustrators.

Application checklist:

1. Cover letter with references and recommendations.
2. Resume
3. Link to online portfolio

Please do not attach any files. Cover letter and resume must be submitted as non-formatted text in a single e-mail, with links to online portfolio and/or other related URLs. Please do not send any HTML formatted emails. Only one email per application. Submissions containing attachments or HTML formatted text will not be reviewed.

Note: Because of the overwhelming amount of applicants, we are not able to respond to all enquiries. Only applications that fit our criteria will receive a follow-up email.
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